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Battery Registration & Reset Service

At East Coast Batteries we believe in that unless you have the equipment and knowledge to complete a task properly, your not the person for the job.

Battery registering to ECU/BCM , resetting the "Battery control module"

A few quick points on what will happen if you don't reset the "Battery control module" when a new battery is fitted to the car.

  • Excessive fuel usage
  • Battery life significantly effected (up to 50% less life, especially in hotter climates)
  • Some systems may be stuck in "power saving mode" and may not function properly
  • Will void battery warranty
  • What is Battery registering to ECU/BCM , resetting the "Battery control module" ?

    Modern vehicles are very sophisticated and are forever trying to reduce emissions and fuel consumption because of this some modern cars have "battery control modules" these systems change the charging profile of the alternator to the battery as the battery ages.

    This service was previously only possible by the dealer who would charge upward of $110. We are the only battery technicians (that I know of) that have the knowledge and equipment to perform this.

    The charging systems charge higher and harsher as the battery ages (based on time not battery condition) eventually getting to its harshest charge profile. Please note: cant be detected with voltmeter or amps clamp.

    Upon fitting a new battery to the applicable vehicles it is very important that the vehicle is told that a new battery has been fitted and the "Battery control module" is reset back to its original charge profile. Which will help take unnecessary load off the alternator and will improve fuel economy. If this isn't reset the vehicle will continue to charge at its harsh charge profile and will charge the battery too harsh which will effect its life significantly and any fuel savings wont be implicated.

    We also clear "battery only" fault codes from ecu. As flat battery can cause fault codes specifically low voltages.

    How much does it cost?

    Depending on the vehicle $15 to $30

    What vehicles are require this service?

    It is more common then you may think and not just reserved for high end euro cars.

    Heres a few cars for example

  • Audi , Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda most models 2008 onward
  • Most fords 2011 onwards , ie Ranger , mustang, focus, Kuga
  • Landrover 2011 onwards
  • Holden Malibu some
  • Most Bmw and mini 2007 onwards
  • Peugoet & Citroen 2005 onwards most models
  • Volvo 2011 onwards most models
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    • Can you change my battery onsite?

      Absolutely! We'll select the right premium quality battery for your vehicle and have it installed for you at no extra charge.

    • How much does a new battery cost?

      This depends on a number of factors including battery type and vehicle or vessel engine requirements. We can give you an instant price over the phone - simply call us on (07) 5597 2795

    • Which areas do you cover?

      For onsite installation we cover the Gold Coast area - however, we delivery batteries Australia wide - simply call us on (07) 5597 2795 or use our contact form and we will provide you with a quote fast!

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